For over twenty years the firm has put its skills at the service of businesses, following them over the course of their daily activity, as well as during times of growth, internationalisation and company reorganisation. Support during business crisis resolution, company restructuring and liquidation are also amongst the specific competencies of the firm.

The wide range of services offered reflects the skills of the team who form Studio Vignoli. Over the years, the firm has been strengthened and enriched by professionals and collaborators with the aim of fostering the constant will to provide a service of unquestionable quality and complete coverage and satisfaction of client needs.

The organisation’s team share values and objectives, combining the use of an indepth code of practice and good ethics whilst conducting their respective tasks, paying great attention to proactively look after our clients’ interests.

Over the last ten years the firm’s international vocation has been emphasised, preempting the needs of a clientele continually grappling with opportunities, threats and constraints subsequent to aspects of international taxation, establishment and growth in foreign markets, or for foreign businesses, positioning in the national market.

The firm offers consulting services, aimed at accommodating, intercepting and anticipating the needs of businesses, professionals and individuals by providing important assistance in the conduct and improvement of their business activities, through:

– Growth, the ability to study and stay up-to-date professionally, the professionalism of the firm’s team;

– An atmosphere of collaboration and communication both amongst staff and with clients and their consultants, complete transparency and professionalism when dealing with various stakeholders;

– An open and attentive organisational structure to attract suitable candidates, morally and professionally, to play important roles within the firm;

– A commitment to clients which is reflected in the proceedures and services adapted and made to suit the specific needs of each, individual client.


The firm addresses all types of enterprise in the business world, whether they be private, public or social enterprises, as well as those of a different nature such as foundations and public entities. The main operating areas of the team of professionals concern consultancy: tax related, corporate and contractual, in the area of business and accountancy, in bankruptcy proceedings or at times of restructuring.

The firm deals with the main tax issues from the outset, by providing assistance to the taxpayer in the tax inspection phases and litigation phases, due diligence assistance and fiscal planning, also in an international context.
The experience of the team of professionals allows companies to be followed in the definition and drafting of the transfer pricing procedure, as well as in consultation
with and access to helpful institutes.

Examples of some tax related procedure conducted by the firm are:

    • Tax consultation for businesses and business groups
    • Personal tax consultation
    • Taxpayer assistance in times of tax inspections and litigation
    • Fiscal due diligence
    • Preliminary analysis and application for membership in concessionary norms of a fiscal nature
    • International tax systems
    • Transfer pricing

    The firm supports its clients in the individuation of corporate models adapted to the companies’ needs and growth prospects. Furthermore, the firm assists with the definition and resolution of governance relationships and generational turnovers, as well as the adherence to compliance models in order to reduce corporate risk. The performance of the activities falling within the scope of this professional macro-area is facilitated by the advice and audits given to the concerned companies. The assistance, analysis and preparation of contracts are carried out in collaboration with legal experts.

    Some of the firms areas and types of intervention in this area are:

          • Elaboration of corporate models
          • Joint ventures and business networks
          • Resolution of governance relationships
          • Organisation and management schemes and control of the administrative responsibility risks (D.lgs. 231/2001)
          • Generational turnovers
          • Real Estate
          • Financing and assistance for businesses
          • Drafting contracts

      The firm assists companies with the definition, construction of internal/external control mechanisms; the latter also in accordance with the internationally accepted accounting principles (IFRS and US GAAP). The firm is significantly experienced in the preparation and editing of sustainability reports according to the most authoritative writing and practice at a national and international level. The company support services can also provide assistance in planning activities, examination and assessment of alternative investment strategies, evaluation of the company’s assets, or its aspects – with specific skills in the evaluation of the intangible assets – in the event of business continuity and discontinuity.

      The main activities in the field of business and accounting consulting are:

                    • Management control system
                    • Company evaluation
                    • Evaluation of the intangible capital
                    • Analysis and assessment of capital budgeting
                    • Financial and consolidated financial statements
                    • Sustainability reports
                    • International and US accounting standards (IAS/IFRS) (USGAAP)
                    • Due diligence accounting
                    • Legal audit
                    • Audit of funded projects

        The firm supports companies with the definition of the best solutions from a strategic, legal, accounting and tax point of view, in particularly critical situations of management or in conjunction with operations of an exceptional nature.

        Business combinations
        Joint venture agreements or business networks
        Insolvency procedures
        Restructuring plans
        Company succession and restructuring or of the liabilities

        These are some of the interventions that the firm carries out, thanks to a team of professionals that assists its clients through in-depth analysis and assessments.

                          • Extraordinary operations
                          • Corporate – M&A
                          • Company restructuring
                          • Insolvency procedures
                          • Restructuring plans



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