PhD in Managerial Accounting from the Faculty of Economics in Florence, completed in 2007. Graduated with disctinction in Business Administration from the University of Florence in 2004.

Professional associations
Since 2009 registered as a qualified Accountant in the city of Florence. Registered as a Statutory Auditor. A member of the Technical Consultants to the Court of Florence for the section: Business and Accountancy Experts.

Expertise and professional experience
Miss Cresti’s main areas of expertise are: business consultancy, in particular management control, from strategic planning processes to internal reporting; tax and corporate consulting for companies and non-commercial organisations (including Foundations and Associate Bodies), as well as analysis and assistance in the evaluation of forms of business incorporation e.g. business networks. Audits and revision of research projects and assistance in bankruptcy proceedings. Teaching and research at the University of Florence in the following subjects: Business Economics, General and Applied Accountancy, Strategic Planning and Performance Auditing and Group Economics. Some of her research has been published and used at conventions. A member of the OCC – Organisation for Crisis Settlement for Overindebtedness at the Court of Florence.

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